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The sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital Alumni Association (SBMCHAA) was  founded in 2009 shortly after the first batch of medical students graduated from  the Medical College. SBMCH Alumni Association became incorporated and  today remains steadfast in support of the Medical College’s goals, mission, and  strategic priorities....       Contn... CHAIRPERSON’S MESSAGE Welcome to the Sree Balaji Medical College Alumni.  We would look forward to  your continued interaction and association to help improve the quality of our  Academic programme, health care service and various facets of our operations  to ensure continuous improvements and exemplary standards of services to our  present and past student community    Contn... DEAN’S MESSAGE As the word alumni implies, it talks about the age of the institution, and  indirectly about the strength of the institution which gives real impact to the  student to become a faculty and to serve in the same institution which had  given identity in the society     Contn... MESSAGE FROM STAFF COORDINATORS We have great pleasure in writing this message.  We are greatly delighted for  being the staff coordinators of this prestigious alumni association of Sree Balaji  Medical College and Hospital.  This is the platform for our students to express  their ideas and thoughts                                                                                   Contn...  EDITORIAL NOTE It gives us immense pleasure to be the editors of this prestigious SBMCHAA’s  Compendium.  We are greatly privileged to write this editorial note.  As we  wrote this, we are taken down memory lane, along our under graduate days.   This compendium is an intelligent collection of selected information and  photographs of the Alumni Association      Contn...
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